The Law of Distraction



Verb:  Prevent (someone) from giving full attention to     


           Divert (attention) from something.



the law of distraction: 

control people’s perception and you control their reality


Everyone who works in advertising knows this all too well. Amidst changes in the market and in media technology, the principle itself remains unchanged. This same principle is used outside the world of business.  Whether in politics or religion, the Law of Distraction continues to be a most effective tool for diverting people’s attention from the truth.


This blog intends to explain how exactly this is done, and why it works. It is also the intention of this blog to advocate the desire for truth. By discussing the various ways that the Law of Distraction is applied, the author aims to expose how its proponents have successfully deceived people and to suggest ways in which we can avoid falling prey to the various forms of mass deceit that keep us from seeing the light.


The Author


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