And so the philosophy that the universe responds to our thoughts has become widely accepted. That I find this idea hard to swallow is an understatement, though I admit that for a time, I did subscribe to this notion.

It takes faith to believe that the universe will move according to one's thoughts. We can get as creative as we want in making these kinds of claims but science has yet to see evidence that we humans affect the physical universe the same way dna, genes, and bacteria affect the human body. The universe moves on its own accord regardless of man's choices or actions. We can launch a hundred nuclear bombs and I can bet the universe won't be affected. I doubt one's thoughts could do the job either.

The universe is in constant flux. Constantly moving. Evolving. We are merely germs in the entire process. We are not even a nano-second of the minutest movement of the heavenly bodies. Believing in such idea only reveals a whole new level of delusions of grandeur. 

Why a completely absurd philosophy such as this is so popularly held, is beyond me. 


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